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1-Why start a blog now, once again?

1-Why start a blog now, once again?
Valley Park, Northern Ireland.

Here I am starting a blog now, once again, in another interesting point in my life. Why once again? Well, I started this blog some time ago but there were some technical and personal challenges that prevented me in starting with a continuous flow of writing as I originally intended. I have addressed those challenges in the best way I could and I am now ready to focus on the creative aspect of writing a blog. I have mentioned that I am in another interesting point in my life, but why is that? Well, I mean that in a terms of being in a time and place place of making some of the most important decisions of my life but you will know more about that as I continue writing posts for this blog.
What will be the content of this blog and why should you care? The content of this blog, as presented in the main page, is comprised by “thoughts, stories and ideas”. The main areas I will cover in this blog will be my life experiences, travel and food, with other topics that I also consider important from time to time. The name of this blog and my writing alias is “Otro taco al pastor”, which means “Another taco al pastor”. I chose that writing alias as a way of not taking myself too seriously when writing and to highlight being both special and not special at the same time, being “another taco al pastor”. Anyway, I’ll explain in a following post what is a “taco al pastor”. From this, some of you may already realise my nationality. Note that the entries of my blog will be in both English and Spanish, sometimes I’ll start writing the post in English and then translating the content to Spanish, vice versa. Therefore there will be two versions of each blog entry.
This blog is a separate project from many other creative projects I am currently working on. At some point I’ll talk about the other projects but that is not the intention of this blog. I hope you enjoy this blog and find it interesting and entertaining!